Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hand Crochet Antique Baby Dress reproduction

This hand crocheted dress is made in eight separate pieces,(Front yoke, left and right back yoke, left and right sleeve caps, Yoke edging, skirt, and bottom ruffle) and sewn together to create a magnificent reproduction of an Antique Baby Dress. It is made from #30crochet thread, which is very fine string. There are many love knots on the sleeve caps ,around the outer edge of the yoke, and the edging around the neck. The flower diamond and mesh motif is repeated in the yoke, sleeve caps, It is joined together by hand sewing and fed with satin ribbons at the yoke,around the sleeves, and button holes, and between the skirt and bottom ruffle. This dress is made for 0-3 months 
20 1/2 "chest
It measures 28" from the neck to the bottom of the dress. This makes a great christening dress and a great piece to preserve and frame after your baby has outgrown it for the next generation.

While I make this sort of item I think of all of the Grandmothers of the past who took time to do this for their children and Grandchildren because there weren't any manufacturers or so many stores to buy them in.  Some of them even had to spin their own cotton.  
Due to detail work dry cleaning is suggested but it is also possible to hand wash by soaking in Denture tablets and rinsing then soaking it in fabric softner and drying in the sun.

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  1. this is amazing is it possible to get the pattern