Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our vacation to Connecticut


On our last day in Connecticut Anna took us to Massachusetts to see Sturbridge village. We saw how people must have lived back in the 1800's with real people staging different real life from that era. They were dressed in appropriate clothing for that era. We got to see how they would have made their clothing also. They began with animals who shed their fur and then the people spun it into thread which then got dyed and hand sewn into the clothing which they wore.
It made us think about how far we Americans have come with industrialation, and how dependent we are on machinary to create our every day items of clothing. They also crocheted many items and knitted some too. We saw the tools that they used too. Spinning wheels, looms, and such were in homes first before they were ever in factories.
Animals of that era weren't just pets but they were used for transportation, food, fertilizer,and clothing. They had a horse drawn wagon that we could ride inside of if we wanted to. They even had a bank with half cent pieces displayed and a general store. We got to see their weapons and their Miltia attire.
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  1. I would love to visit that museum, sounds like great fun.

  2. Thanks bananaorangeapple. It was fun and there was so much to do and interact with.