Monday, October 10, 2011


button from the antique store above
New recently created and bought buttons.  Please note the price difference.   The price increase shows  how much our dollar has deflated in 2011.

new buttons in above photo
vintage buttons in the photo above

Today I want to tell you that a dollar isn't much as much as it used to be.  There fore it takes a lot more dollars to buy the same sort of items.  While in the antique malls looking for vintage patterns, I also look for vintage buttons with vintage prices.  Above, I have pictures of the buttons then and now. This forces store owners to increase their prices.   The new Holiday buttons will be incorporated into some of my upcoming items.  I am purposely keeping my prices to a minimum as a special gift to my customers.


  1. I just love the Christmas buttons. I'm constantly looking for new buttons for my cards/flowers.

  2. Julia, I got the Christmas buttons at JoAnn's and used their coupons for a discount.