Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Warmth of Nymph Slippers

Thanks to Linda & Jonathan Sawyer from SawyerCeramics for the feature of my hand crocheted Nymph slippers in their treasury of warmth.

Christmas Bibs really dress up the occasion

Here you will find a couple of  bibs to love during this Christmas season.

Finished measurement is 8"x 9"
Santa's elves are really excited that they found the heirloom reproduction like the Pinafore Bib featured in the photos above! No Santa's helper should be without one! Measurements of this Christmas special are 11" from neck to tail and 9" across. Eyelet surrounds the neck and is fed with satin ribbon for embellishment. Frills in White and Green surround the entire bib. The back of this bib fastens with pretty Red buttons and a label from the artist is attached. I crochet these using vintage thread that came from a community antique shop here in Cayce, SC. The threads are not colorfast. Best worn over the same colors or dark colors and washed separate from other laundry in cold water.

I Hand crocheted this absorbent cotton crochet bib with popcorn stitch and lacy armholes and border. It Snaps in the back. Comes in White or Ecru thread. Specially handmade from a retired antique pattern it is made from number 10 cotton crochet thread to fit babies from 3-6 months. The pinafore design makes keeping baby covered during feeding sessions a breeze. Also great as a photo prop! Easy care instructions: Machine wash and dry. Not too pretty to wear, stains are easy to remove by soaking in denture tablets and washing as normal. Sturdy , soft cotton is sure to be an heirloom through a couple of generations. Best of all made by a Grandmother right here in the good old USA!

Christmas is almost here~ Santa shoes

Thanks to Teri from NanaJustbananas for the feature of my hand crocheted Santa shoes in her treasury along with all of the other wonderful items for Christmas!

QVintage and Friends on Etsy

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thanks Prudence for featuring my Bonnet!

Thanks to Prudence Canfield from Pruvisions for the feature of my hand crocheted Orange Halloween Bonnet in her treasury.

Kim featured my Bumble Bee Vest!

Thanks to Kimberly JImenez from BCNB for the feature of my Sweater Vest & Cap Asymmetrical Bumble Bee Vest

Gail Ann Featured my Hand Crocheted Baby Bunting

Thanks to Gail Ann from VermontCollectibles for the feature of my hand crocheted baby bunting 


Angie Features my Hand Crocheted Gingerbread Men

Thanks to Angie from SticksnStone for the feature of my hand crocheted Gingerbread appliques in her treasury.

Eve Brings out Red and Features My Hand Crochet Gingerbread Slippers

Thanks to Eve from evecollection on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted gingerbread slippers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike What Day Is It???? Ohhh Yaaaaaa It's Hump Day!!!!!!

Hump Day Success is a Hand Crocheted Flower Brooch/ Hairclip

Thanks to Angie Bissett from SticksnStone for the feature of my hand crocheted Hand Crochet Flower Brooch/ Hair Clip/Photo Prop Beige and Brown.  Under Ten Dollars

October is On the Way with Crocheted Cowls/neckwarmers

Thanks to Patti from ADKArtsBoutique for the feature of my hand crocheted Cowl/neckwarmer in her treasury.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Daniela's Treasury Features my Hand Crocheted Lamb Potholders

Thanks to Daniela from Supplierofdreams on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted lamb potholders.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Charlotte Features my Hand Crochet Cap and Sweater

Thanks to Charlotte from CharlotteStyle for the feature of my hand crocheted cap and sweater in your beautiful treasury.

Angie Features my hand crochet Mouse Slippers

Thanks to Angie Bissett from SticksnStone for the feature of my hand crocheted Mouse Slippers in it

Angie's treasury has my Crocheted Mother's Day Shawl in it.

Thanks to Angie Bissett from SticksnStone for the feature of my hand crocheted Mother's Day shawl in it.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hand Crochet Ribbons & Lace Pineapple Heart Pillow

Thanks to Nancy from cottagewhimsies for the feature of my Hand Crochet Ribbons & Lace Pineapple Heart Pillow

A Touch of Orange included my Nymph slippers!

Thanks to Amy De Long from amydscrochet for the feature of my hand crochet Nymph slippers in her treasury.

Angie featured my Crocheted Gingerbread Decorative Gift box

Thanks to Angie Bissett from SticksnStone for the feature of my Crocheted Gingerbread Decorative Gift box in her beautifully curated treasury.

Thanks for reminding us Hanna! -Hand Crocheted Ballet Slippers

Thanks to Hannah from MyBabiesAndMe for  the feature of my hand crocheted Ballet slippers in her treasury.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

In Shades of Blue features my hand crocheted butterfly doily

Thanks to Margaret from JaminaRose for the feature of my hand crocheted butterfly doily in her beautiful treasury.

Wake Up by Angie Bisset featured my Dogwood Beanie!

Thanks to Angie of  SticksnStone for the feature of my hand crocheted Dogwood Beanie in her treasury!
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A Beautiful Day by India Arie

I love the lyrics which are inspirational make you thankful for all that is ahead in each new day.

A Beautiful Day and Treasury includes my Hand Crochet Pinafore and Booties

Thanks to Violeta of  QVintage   for the feature of my hand crocheted pinafore bib and booties in her treasury.

A Mood for Blue treasury includes My Hand Crochet Ribbed Cuff Booties.

Thanks to Valerie Nausbaum of  ValerieNusbaumAandD for the feature of my
hand crocheted ribbed cuff booties in her treasury.

Friends are for Sharing & William shared my Snowmen Slippers

Thanks to William of  BlueAcresArt for the feature of my hand crocheted snowmen slippers in his beautiful treasury! So glad to call you friend

A Tribute to Irina's Birthday includes my coin purse under Ten Dollars

Thanks to Elena from ShopGift on Etsy for the feature of my coin purse under ten dollars in her treasury that was a great tribute to help celebrate a friend's birthday!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Autumn Inspiration & Style featured my Nymph slippers.

Thanks to
Shulamit from Shulidesigns on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted nymph slippers in her beautiful Autumn treasury.

A Happy Blue ~ Hand Crocheted hat and mittens

Thanks to Maggie from Maggie's closets on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted hat and mittens in her beautiful Blue treasury.

A taste of Christmas!

As we enter fall and have all of the holiday seasons ahead.  I especially look forward to the taste and smells that come with them.  Pumpkin spices for fall and Gingerbread is my favorite for Christmas. 
My favorite flavor of Christmas is Gingerbread. I hope that this collection of Gingerbread creations will leave a pleasant memory on your tasteful buds. Don't forget the elves are watching!

I especially love the gingerbread doorhanger that Charlotte Collistro Brown created.  The heart measures approximately 5" tall x 5" wide. 
This decorative door hanger comes with a CharlotteStyle hang tag. 
Charlotte made the heart from a beautiful Christmas candy, cookies and goodies print cotton fabric.She attached the lovely beading lace, with red satin ribbon woven through, on the front.She sewed the little crocheted gingerbread man onto the heart.

The bow is olive green velvet and the hanger is red satin ribbon. I adorned the bow knot front and back with red satin ribbon roses.

Beautiful Decorative Heart - Hang this heart on a door or cupboard knob. Also, this heart would look great on a wreath or Christmas tree.

All of Charlotte's items are stuffed with new polyester fiber.
This item is not suitable for small children.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Fair is coming and it includes my hand crocheted lamb pot holders

Thanks to Kesha of Craftycutiesbydesign on Etsy  for the inclusion of my hand crocheted pot holders in Black and Beige.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CIC connect four treasury features my hand crocheted cap and sweater

Thanks to Jeanne from the Sandlappershop on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted cap and sweater.

Djuana featured my hand crocheted Autumn flowers in basket

Thanks to Djuana  Tucker from LonBrauerStudios 
for the feature of my hand crocheted Autumn flowers in basket applique.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eleana's Treasury featured my Hand Crocheted Christening Gown

Thanks to Elena from Shopgift on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted christening gown in her treasury

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cow-Bung-A ! A Treasury of Cows from the Sandlapper shop features my bib

Thanks to Jeanne from TheSandlapperShop for the feature of my hand crocheted zebra bib in her fun treasury of Cows! kawabonga!!!

A treasury of Beauty curated by Ella

Thanks to my friend Ella from Dollsandbunnies on Etsy for the feature of my hand crocheted Mary Jane slippers and bonnet in her beautiful treasury.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Angels in Treasury of Ups and Downs by Angela Bisset

Thanks to Angela Bisset of sticksnstone for the feature of my hand crocheted Angels in her treasury of ups and downs

The Get Away with my Husband

  • My daughter Anna, Husband, and grandson Henry

At the Virginia Zoo on our anniversary

I loved this lacy elephant made of steel butterflies.

It stands in front of the Zoo in Virginia

This ball of granite is turned by water and weighs several tons.

Henry being independent


My grandson Henry and I having a little fun at the Zoo in  Virginia

Anna and Henry at the hippo

Henry is cooling off in the water

Anna and Henry on the train at the zoo

Billy , Henry and I after our train ride.

Henry gets a high five from Mom