Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The creation of an Antique Reproduction Christening Gown

This is to show the progress of creation of an antique reproduction dress & I will be adding photos of the skirt and ruffle as they are added. This dress is made for 3-6 months
20 1/2 "chest
An Antique reproduction dress is hand crochet and the thought of it never being touched by a machine through it’s creation is a miracle in it’s self.  This Antique reproduction dress consists of a front yoke, and two back yokes, which are joined together at the shoulders.  Yoke edging is then crochet around the outer edge of the mesh and ends of rows with love knots (the love knot is the sign of eternal love).  Next Sleeve caps are crochet on and have the same motif as the yokes, skirt, and ruffle.

In the finishing stages the skirt and ruffle are sewn on to the yoke matching the seams gathering every  7 ruffle row to every 5 shells at the end of rows of the skirt.  Ribbons are then woven through the mesh at the yoke, neck, and the mesh above the shells around the bottom of the skirt.  An antique reproduction dress will be made of all new threads and arrive in time for the special event of christening your baby.  After hours of skilled labor and prayers over the threads, I wish you much joy through the christening of your child and the love that each of you will bring in each others lives.  ~Becky Van Loozen McCarty