Friday, September 13, 2013

A taste of Christmas!

As we enter fall and have all of the holiday seasons ahead.  I especially look forward to the taste and smells that come with them.  Pumpkin spices for fall and Gingerbread is my favorite for Christmas. 
My favorite flavor of Christmas is Gingerbread. I hope that this collection of Gingerbread creations will leave a pleasant memory on your tasteful buds. Don't forget the elves are watching!

I especially love the gingerbread doorhanger that Charlotte Collistro Brown created.  The heart measures approximately 5" tall x 5" wide. 
This decorative door hanger comes with a CharlotteStyle hang tag. 
Charlotte made the heart from a beautiful Christmas candy, cookies and goodies print cotton fabric.She attached the lovely beading lace, with red satin ribbon woven through, on the front.She sewed the little crocheted gingerbread man onto the heart.

The bow is olive green velvet and the hanger is red satin ribbon. I adorned the bow knot front and back with red satin ribbon roses.

Beautiful Decorative Heart - Hang this heart on a door or cupboard knob. Also, this heart would look great on a wreath or Christmas tree.

All of Charlotte's items are stuffed with new polyester fiber.
This item is not suitable for small children.

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