Monday, March 5, 2012

As Scuttle would say we are out to discover! He will tell you about the snarfblat which is really a pipe, or the dinglehopper, Which is really a fork that he says humans use to make their hair aesthetically pleasing. He comes with a cute little snap on scarf and his bill opens so that you can pretend to feed him. The bottom is open for puppeteering and he has cute little wings. His feet are embroidered onto the crochet and he is truly one of a kind with a cute little tail. Double crochet, half double crochets, single crochets, and trebles are the stitches used throughout the making of this little bird. He measures 5" tall by 7" long and he even has nostriles embroidered on. I can hear him singing loudly and off key right now Wa, wa, wa. So cute, a must have toy for your youngster.

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