Sunday, December 11, 2011

Antique Reproduction of Hand Crochet Sacque and Cap for Preemies and Dolls in Cuddle Brown

Starting with an 1800-1900's pattern from SHELL BEES TREASURES right here on etsy, I crocheted this pattern with love for your preemie baby. For this little treasure I picked 3 ply Sensations Cuddle yarn which is a mix of 70% Acrylic & 30% nylon. It is a very soft yarn which is perfect for newborns in the color Cuddle Brown. The use of increase and decrease in stitches forms the design of the motifs in this outfit. Then the beading of the cap/bonnet & Saque is fed with Pink ribbon & sewn with satin roses. The borders of the armholes & cap are lined with shell stitches. Final measurement of the Sacque is Nine inches from the neck to the tail of it and the cap is made to be taut on the baby's head.. This item is made to be just as unique as your precious new preemie.

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